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Balcony Work Platform for More Safety and Efficiency

Simplify Your Site 5 – Balcony Work Platform.

Perfect for ceiling work and low-level access—building maintenance contractors, electricians and more—SafeSmart’s Balcony Work Platform is bringing added safety and ease of use to many companies across Canada.

With two height settings, 0.75m and 1.025m, this platform is designed to be easily wheeled through tight spaces and deployed in a matter of seconds. Eliminating the need to dangerous step ladders, the platform adds fall protection, with full-surround hand rails and a much wider wheel base for anti-tipping properties. The platform is made from high-grade aluminium and comes in either chequer plate pattern for grip, or perforated for grip and good drainage in outdoor or wet conditions. Also SafeSmart’s Scaffold ceiling props are included for added safety and stability when using the podium on open air heights such as balconies and elevated slabs.

With SafeSmart’s Balcony Work Platform, you have safe and efficient access to carry out works on balconies at height.

This unit folds flat for easy storage when not in use, is made in New Zealand and is weight rated at 496lds.

Balcony Work Platform: brings safe and efficient access to carry out works on balconies at height.


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