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How do you gain access to large vehicles?

Maintaining or cleaning trucks or large machinery at height? See how BridgeDeck helps you to do it the right way.

Simplify Your Site 3 – BridgeDeck

During frequent scheduled maintenance and cleaning, personnel need to clamber up to heights temporarily in order to reach critical points of a heavy vehicle. With workshops and depots being dynamic environments, permanent and more importantly safe height access is not always available, especially when it needs to fit a variety of vehicles and their shapes and sizes.

But SafeSmart’s BridgeDeck solves all of that. Thanks to a request from a previous client, we now offer this combination of two Super Maintenance type platforms and specially-designed centre deck as one package to all operators who maintain both cabover (“Cab Over Engine” or “COE") and conventional truck tractor units.

Height adjustability enables safe access over a conventional truck’s engine bay nose as well as a generous area to walk around on and store tools, leaving your hands free for the task at hand.

Start putting ladders last for this application today. Start using SafeSmart’s BridgeDeck.


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