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Aluminum Scaffolding - Lightweight, Sturdy and Ergonomic

Looking for flexible and lightweight height access solutions that don't hold your team up onsite?

SafeSmart's aluminum scaffolding are built to elevate productivity onsite with safety compliant, ergonomic design. Our range of aluminum scaffolds can be easily assembled and taken apart, getting you from one project to the next with minimal downtime.

We manufacture our own line of mini mobile aluminum scaffolding, alongside our full range of moveable scaffolding and scaffold towers. Learn more about our star sellers the SafeDeck scaffold and all-terrain stair pack.

Applications Across Industry

Our lightweight and easy to manoeuvre aluminum scaffolds have enabled workers safe access to some of the most challenging elevated work spaces. Our products have found applications within:

  • Construction
  • Civil Works
  • Roofing Work
  • Rendering
  • Plumbing
  • Industrial Projects
  • Electrical
  • Form Working
  • Masonry
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Reduce Risk Ownership – Meet Canadian Safety Standards

Accidents and injuries can lead to expensive downtime and delayed delivery time lines. At SafeSmart, we understand that the safety of your team is paramount when onsite.

As a trusted global provider of height access solutions and with products that have found applications in construction, mining, industrial, and defence sectors across the world, we make it our business to keep your people safe and risks at a minimum.

SafeSmart's range of access equipment are the solution to any task being completed at height - be it residential, commercial or industrial. Browse our range by industry, or product line.

Looking for Guidance?

Do you have a project with specific requirements? We specialise in custom solutions at SafeSmart. Our team of designers and engineers combine a keen understanding of your industry and our product capabilities to ensure custom height access solutions that cater to your specific needs. Learn more about our scoping process.

Give us a call or enquire online to speak with one of our experts.