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  • Height Access in Small Spaces

    Height Access in Small Spaces

    Performing work tasks in internal spaces? There are many trades that need to access heights indoors and in small spaces.

    In commercial buildings, the height of the ceiling—in lobbies, loading areas and performance spaces, for example—can present dangers. Those high ceilings or walls have lighting and services to attend to, and maintenance such as painting may still need to be done. And the humble ladder can be a killer.

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  • Thermo King Keeps it Cool at Height

    Thermo King Keeps it Cool at Height

    International truck refrigeration and heating unit maker Thermo King made their first trailer mechanical refrigeration unit in 1938. Since then, they have become an essential part of road transport all around the world.

    The dangers that Thermo King’s technicians face include the possibility of serious injury from slipping and falling – uneven and glossy surfaces combined with often greasy, oily and icy conditions and old heavy steel height access products made for inefficiencies during works. This is where SafeSmart comes in.

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  • Helping ATCO is a Gas

    Helping ATCO is a Gas

    ATCO Pipelines of Edmonton, Alberta operates 9,400+ kilometres of pipeline throughout Canada. These pipelines transport natural gas and other energy sources to utilities, power generators and other major industries. And a Saskatchewan-based maker of work platforms is helping their operators work more safely and efficiently.

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  • Temporary Stairs – with Permanent Access Compliance

    Temporary Stairs – with Permanent Access Compliance

    Stairwell installation is something that usually takes place towards the end of the main structure’s assembly, but access between storeys is needed, well, for building more storeys, for a start. Find out the dangers of standard access, and the advantages of something more specialized.

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  • The Importance of Compliant Pipe Rack Catwalks

    The Importance of Compliant Pipe Rack Catwalks

    With the Canadian oil, gas and resources industries readjusting their operations over the last few years, it has become even more important to ensure that their worksites—in the field or at the refinery—are set up for heightened efficiency.

    Besides shifting skillsets around employees and focusing on new technology, a rebirth of sorts for renewed productivity also relies on the safety aspects of worksites. After all, an injured worker means downtime that costs the company money.

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