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When Unnecessary Danger Can Mean Tools-Down

When Unnecessary Danger Can Mean Tools-Down

The CCOHS and the Canadian Government work together to draw up regulations that increase safety on work sites.

The Canada Labour Code contains a comprehensive collection of rules and regulations that cover every aspect of work places in all industries. In Part II of the code, there is a section that every Canadian employer should know about – get acquainted now, before it affects your productivity.

In short, the ‘Right to refuse dangerous work’ code states that:

“You have the right to refuse to work if you have reasonable cause to believe that:

• your workplace presents a danger to you;

• the use or operation of a machine or apparatus presents a danger to you or to another employee; and

• the performance of an activity constitutes a danger to you or to another employee.”

This code can cover everything from environmental aspects to the presence of poisons, or insufficient protection for those who work at height. The use of inadequate height access products, rather than commissioning appropriate edge protection systems or work platforms, would fall under point 3 in CCOHS’s summary. To read or download the entire code, click here.