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Canada’s First Choice for Portable Stairs

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SafeSmart’s Flagship Portable Stair Design – in the construction market in particular, we saw the need for faster and safer lower-level height access, between project floors, into trenches and more, especially where inadequate, unstable and unsafe ladders were being used.

We developed the AdjustaStairs design to bring the full convenience and functionality of permanent stairs to situations where the portability of a ladder is required. These stair systems feature self-levelling steps, so you can stand on a completely flat tread when the unit is placed at a variance of pitch angles – from 25° to 50°. And when you need to transport it, the unit packs down flat in one movement via collapsible handrails and steps that auto-fold back within the side rails.

Benefits in Summary

• Instant and safe temporary staircase – far superior to traditional wooden worksite steps or standard ladders.
• Weight rated at anywhere from 300kg (661lbs) to 500kg (1102lbs), depending on the model.
• OSHA-compliant.
• An easy two-person installation and redeployment job.

A heavy vehicle variant is also available, for faster and safer access to flat beds and trailers of trucks and more: the AdjustaStairs truck trailer ladder.

Sample uses Access for builders, trench diggers, infrastructure workers, excavation teams, builders and anyone else who needs safe and efficient temporary access with the same stability as a permanent system.


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