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The Truck Access Platform Canadian Transport Workers Trust

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For whatever reason you need to access trucks and other heavy vehicles, there are dangerous ways to do it, or SafeSmart’s safe and efficient way. During maintenance or when handling goods, the fall danger is always there – and with falls from lower heights accounting for most workplace injuries and deaths in Canada, it shows that standard ladders and general clambering are the culprits.

With a self-closing gate at the entrance to the platform, 45-degree stair access, ultra-strong rails and free-wheeling lockable castors, this system easily wheels up to the vehicle’s edge, giving the worker a lot more room to stand whilst at height, with much more access to the vehicle’s sides for cargo handling, securing a load, maintenance, anything.

And for challenging environments such as in cold and icy conditions, the 8.6"-deep braced stair treads feature a non-slip surface. Also includes lifting points for easy craning and forklift channels for being able to move the unit to other sites.

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