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AdjustaStairs for More Safety and Efficiency

Simplify Your Site 4 — One Set of AdjustaStairs, Three Uses, One Project.

A multi-storey construction project can present a dynamic environment for on-foot height access. From the initial excavated slope to the concreted basement to the construction of several above ground storeys, a company can find themselves with a large array of height access products on site to accommodate all types of heights.

And the use of insufficient ladders is still widespread in these situations. It risks worker safety via potential tipping and sideways falls, let alone raising unwanted attention from the CCOHS.

But SafeSmart Access Canada has a way of helping companies to put ladders last in these situations. And it helps to produce higher efficiency on site, too.

The AdjustaStairs portable stairs system can be used at all three stages of construction, providing easy on-foot height access at several angles and heights, thanks to its self-levelling stair treads. And between levels, AdjustaStairs eliminate the need for the building of scaffold towers.

From the initial excavated slope to the concreted basement to between multiple storeys, AdjustaStairs are easily removed and redeployed by hand, feature a collapsible handrail set and are made from high quality aluminum.


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